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Slasherpiece Theatre

Your Place for Crack!Fic

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FIRST THINGS FIRST: This community is for 18+ only and contains only SLASH material. All persons wanting to join must have the year of their birth on their user page (unless I know you, of course!). I don’t want to get an email from your mamma complaining that you have been reading porn and you are only 15. If you lie, well, that’s your karma, not mine.

This community was inspired by and created because of zebraljb and lil_reedy and their ABC series of AU ficlets, using their (and mine!) OTP of Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus.

Who is this community for?

Any adult interested in reading/writing porn with their favorite pairing/OTP:
--in AU vignettes only (non-canon, such as putting them in any movie, book, scene, original situation, or playing any role you've always wanted to see them in)
--in short ficlets of 5000 words or less (no chapters!)

There will be rules—oh yes preshus—because otherwise there is chaos, which ends up with the world exploding and then we all die.



1. This community is member-locked, which means you have to join to post and read the fics.
2. You are not required to post fics to be a member.
3. There will be no flaming. If you don’t like a fic, don’t give feedback. Or email the writer personally, if you feel that strongly. Passive-aggression is also unwelcome. Go talk to your therapist.
4. Con-crit is to be given only if the writer requests it.


1. Fics are slash only! Which means either male slash or fem slash.
2. All fics must have information headers:

Author’s name (preferably LJ name)
Pairing and their description: i.e., let us know who they are and where they come from

3. All fics must be under a cut, but can be linked to your own LJ if you desire. Just make sure that your LJ is not Friends Locked.
4. All fics MUST be betaed. Fics with major grammatical and/or spelling errors will be deleted. It is an insult to your readers to post such things.
5. All fics are to be one-shot deals of no more than 5000 words. Absolutely NO chaptered fics.
6. If desired, so we can drool over your pairing, pics can be posted to let us know who's playing who.
7. There will be NO SPAMMING and NO PIMPING of ANYTHING. I don't care wbat it is. There is zero tolerance. You will be banned.
8. If you ask for con-crit, be sure you really want it. Be gracious! People will give their unvarnished opinions. If you can’t deal with your work of art being ripped to shreds, don’t ask!
9. And, in the name of all that's sacred, NO MARY-SUES. I can smell them a mile away, I mean it.

So go ON! Enjoy the pr0n!