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Slasherpiece Theatre

Your Place for Crack!Fic

5/4/06 02:44 pm - zebraljb - The ABC Saga, currently in progress

Hi, y'all. *waves* elaur asked me to be one of the first posts up here, cuz of the ABC thing me and lil_reedy came up with.

I won't bore all of you by reposting, but I will send you to where you can find it in my memories section, if you're interested:


Basically, it's a series of unrelated stories (except for one or two) involving Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus, each inspired by a word. The words were created by Reedy, the stories by me, with Reedy's help. Warning, though, I know this community was created for AU stories, and a few of these are NOT.

Enjoy. :)

5/3/06 10:30 am - elaur

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